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We're pop culture junkies just like you. We want to be Amelie and Batman and... yeah, anyone from "Gossip Girl". So here's our crash course on how to make your everyday life a little bit more like those of your favorite fictional friends.

Editor/Chief Contributor:
Christina LeBlanc is a 25-year-old Maine native obsessed with all things pop culture. She can carry on entire conversations consisting solely of movie and TV quotes and has read every single Baby-sitters Club book ever written. Her triumphs in life include interviewing Tony Hale of Arrested Development, accidentally bowling with Chad Michael Murray, getting a picture with every member of Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin (her favorite bands) and getting her friends to participate in The Office and Saved by the Bell theme parties.

She owns and edits LiveTheMovies.com and WhyILoveMaine.com.
You can learn more about her at ChristinaCatastrophe.com.